Lowen Park Sauvignon Blanc


Lowen Park Sauvignon Blanc has a lifted nose of gooseberry, lychee and yuzu sorbet. It’s super fresh – like you just got out of the shower! The palette is light, textural and approachable with hints of lime zest, honeydew melon and speckled fruit tingles.

With perfect weather that encouraged slow ripening and complex development of flavours this vintage of Sauvignon Blanc has proven to be our best yet. 100% destemmed and juice drained slowly to settle in tank, allowing just the right time in contact with the skins to extract flavour without phenolics.

A star bright wine, pale yellow with a slight olivine tinge.

White melon and gooseberry fruit aromas mingle with a light touch of passionfruit on the nose.

The palate is generous and glossy with fruit concentration that hints at sweetness despite the wine being completely dry.  It has a medium delicately textured finish that makes this a very amicable Sauvignon Blanc.